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Name: Afina
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 108
Bust: C-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English



Hi there! I am Afina, 24 years of age. I am not an ordinary brunette, because my beauty can make you stare at me for hours without blinking your eyes. You may consider me busty with my C cup size, but this is not all I have. I am also beautiful and brainy, so taking me in different social gatherings will be a delight on your part. Now who says women are the weaker sex? For most people, this is not applicable anymore. I personally don’t believe in this quote anymore, since I’ve traveled with the most attractive men in NYC.  That only means that they need women to be with them all the time. Being in a social gathering alone is just so devastating for men, so they need women to be with them. It pays to be educated, because I can say that I am not just an escort for beauty, but I am also educated and I have a good sense of humor. With the ever growing trend of escort services nowadays, men just do not settle for less, they want the best out of their hard earned income. They just do not look for women for sex or to satisfy the urge of their lust, but they look for women who can make them feel like they are worthy while they are away from their family.  For a businessperson, it is hard to go on a trip alone, sometimes, looking for a companion can be a reasonable thing. I will be of help to you, not just if you look for women who are beautiful, but consider me if you look for women with brains and sense of humor. I am not an ordinary brunette, because I can make you the king of my world.