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Name: Elisha
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 110
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English



Hi there! I am Elisha, 23 years of age and I am a black haired girl that you might have been looking for. Men always want a spice into their dull and boring life, especially while in a different place, well, I can be of help to you. I can make your boring stay in NYC very much exciting with my beautiful and captivating body. If you hire me, you will have a chance to be with a beautiful lady and I can add spice and color into your life. Most men from the upper class hire pretty women to be their date for a special party or just about any events. I am beautiful and stunning enough to be the perfect date for any gentlemen. But beauty doesn’t stop there. I am also sociable, confident and stylish to be able to face different people. I am also good in conversation and I can get along with various types of guests in any party. I can make your NYC stay worthwhile and you will never repent selecting me over the other girls. I am not tall enough, so I can be with a guy of any height. I am a black haired woman close to Asian girls with black hair. If you have been dreaming of being with a girl with the Asian features, I can be that someone whom you would want to be with for such a long time. You can spice up your vacation to this part of the world, if you get in touch with me. I can make your vacation perfect even if you cannot find any reason to celebrate especially if you travel alone. Being alone does not mean a sad trip, because you can choose to be with someone who can make your every moment happy. I can offer you my time and I can be with you anywhere and anytime you want to. There is never right time to hire me, because you can be with you 24/7 if you like.